Inbound Marketing: Good for startups & entrepreneurs?

Inbound marketing is a trendy strategy in the marketing world nowadays. Most big companies have started to invest time and resources in it. They have hired content managers and copywriters and are finding new ways to create awesome content. Yet, even if I do agree that inbound marketing is beneficial for every type of business, I also believe startups and entrepreneurs have the most to gain from it. Inbound marketing can help startups structure their marketing strategy. It gives them a clear path to follow that will help them grow in a steady and efficient way.

In this article, I will explain in 5 bullet points why I think that all startups and entrepreneurs should implement an inbound marketing strategy! For those who are short on time, I have created an infographic that sums up this blog post.

1. It does not require you to invest lots of money

Let’s be honest, when starting a business, either as a startup or as an entrepreneur, you don’t have your pockets full of cash. An article from The Telegraph found out that “the average UK startup spends £22,756 in its first year”. This is already so much money and it only includes legal, accounting, HR and formation costs. How much money does that leave you for investing in marketing? Not a lot unfortunately, but with inbound marketing, that’s totally fine!

Since inbound marketing relies on being found organically, it does not require you to invest lots of money on ads. No need to buy a very expensive TV ad, or to sponsor your content on social media! With a great mindset, a rigorous strategy, and the right content, you do not need money to succeed in finding customers online. You simply need to invest your time!

2. Generates better leads than Outbound Marketing

There are various reasons why Inbound Marketing generates better leads than Outbound. First, when doing Outbound Marketing, you will spend lots of money on online and offline ads. The thing with ads is that you can never be sure that you are targeting only your potential customers. Thus, you might be spending lots of money and getting a really small return on investment (ROI). Therefore, the best online channel for ROI is organic search, which is an  inbound tactics.

Another reason is that consumers are well informed today. Before buying something online, they will probably have done pre-purchase research. They will have done that without even considering ads, cold calls or emails that they might have received. They probably researched on Google for a bit. They investigate the top ranked websites and some reviews. They might even go to follow the social media channels of companies that interest them. Those are way better leads, because when they contact you or make a purchase, they know that what you are offering is what they want.

When starting a company, you are so busy with a million different tasks, and you have a very tight budget. Spending time and money on bad leads is just not an option for you at that moment. This is why Inbound is the best choice!

3. It builds stronger relationships between you and you customers

In general, when your inbound marketing strategy starts to pay off, you start seeing results. Consumers begin to find you in the top organic rank. They see their friends’ interactions with your posts on social media. They see you here and there, and since it is not in the form of advertisement, you are definitely not annoying to them. That’s when they start to develop trust in what you are doing and offering.

The more you share valuable content for them, the more they will perceive your company as trustworthy. I said it before, and I’ll say it again, Inbound Marketing is a long-term strategy. You will develop your relations over a long period of time, bits by bits. As any other type of relation, a relationship that is built through time is stronger and will last longer.

Startups and entrepreneurs need to focus on those long-term relationships and nurture them if they want to succeed. They need to start with a good base of customers and receive feedback before they can expand and grow.

4. You are the best one to create awesome content!

Content marketing is the core of inbound marketing. This strategy is all about creating content that will help your potential and current customers and delight them. The content needs to be related to what you are offering of course, and who is better than you at creating that content? No one!

You, and perhaps your employees, have everything that you need to create awesome content. If developed correctly, your offering is based on solving a current problem or frustration for your potential customers. In other words, your offer fills a need. You have research that need, you know it, and you can talk about it. Start doing it!

This means that the biggest part of this strategy simply requires you and your creativity. No need to hire a copywriter, or to pay an external marketing agency. You, startup owner or entrepreneur, can do it better than anyone else!

5. You’ll feel good doing it!

Let’s be honest over here, marketing doesn’t have the best reputation. Sadly, a lot of consumers believe that marketing is about creating needs people don’t have. You might even think that. Yet, you also think that you have an awesome product or service. You are indeed sure your offering can help so many.

But how can you to market it without being pushy and annoying? Don’t worry, when doing Inbound Marketing, you won’t feel pushy or annoying. You’ll actually feel that you are helping your customers. You’ll feel that customers are coming to you because they also believe in what you are offering. It’s a win-win situation really.

I can never say it enough, doing a proper inbound marketing strategy does take time! Unfortunately, entrepreneurs and startup owners are overwhelmed with everything they need to do. They simply lack time to do everything. Yet, I believe, and it has been proven many times, that doing Inbound Marketing is not a waste of time. Assign some of your time to do it correctly. You’ll be happy that you did it!

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